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A woman in love with life A woman who owns the wisdom, sensuality, and power of her own body A woman who passionately lives the life she was born to live A woman who sees the radiance in every woman, and the strengths in every man A woman who attracts love and depth because her heart would not tolerate anything less A woman who nourishes her body like she’s nourishing the Earth A woman who owns her real beauty and the courage it took to get there

Imagine yourself as this woman

This is the era of the Feminine. As women coming into our own, we are discovering our own true path to light up our lives.  But often times it’s difficult, as we feel the emotional blocks, the financial stresses, and the physical limitations of our bodies, especially as we get older.  We are all born to be leaders…whether you are a mother, a sister, an executive, a teacher, a coach, an entrepreneur, an activist….whatever you are…You know you deserve to have your own personal form of ecstasy: YOUR LIFE. As Feminine leaders, we design our own blueprint for success in our work, our relationships, and in our world. A Feminine Feast is devoted in helping you turn effort into ease, and possibility into reality….the woman’s way… What is the “Feminine”?   Being in your Feminine means manifesting a life of happiness through connection, intuition, feeling, receptivity, and openness in the heart and body. Being in our Feminine means knowing our deeper gifts as a woman, and empowering one another by the giving of our gifts.  In this, we recognize the beauty of every woman’s unique soul and legacy, and transform the world for each other….through each other. At a Feminine Feast, we are dedicated to your true unfolding as the woman you long to be…not by any body else’s expectations…not by societal standards, but by what makes you truly happy…physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We know what it’s like to be a woman in this day and age, and we are devoted in giving you the support you need to have the body and life you want…YOUR way. Let this year be your year of unstoppable breakthroughs, manifestation, and love!

Learn from a Recognized Leader in Women’s Empowerment and Wellness

For over 12 years, Sabrina has helped thousands of women discover their individual imprint as a woman, helping them live an embodied life of vitality, radiance, and transformation. Through the lucid and intricate weaving of women’s spirituality, psychology, sensuality, and nutrition, Sabrina has pioneered a potent path for awakening the powerful YOU that longs to be unleashed in the world. Touted by San Francisco’s premier magazine, 7X7, as “ a woman changing the rules”, Sabrina will help you uncover your blind spots, turn them into resources, and amp up your happiness meter to a TEN, by customizing to your busy lifestyle and budget. So whether you’re a business owner, an inspiring leader, a single lady, a mom, or a sister on this path…you’re about to learn innovative but effective secrets that will magnify your gifts, bloom your life, and catapult your unique womanly brilliance.

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