Sabrina Chaw

Sabrina Chaw

“Sabrina passionately guides women to unleash their vitality and vibrancy, bringing out their courage, juice, and power… excavating their blocks, transforming them into love, and empowering them to live the innate gifts they yearn to live.”

For most of her life, Sabrina suffered from a number of health-related problems such as asthma, allergies, bad digestion, eczema, migraines, weight gain, lethargy, and osteoporosis. This resulted in difficulty in breathing, severe limitation of activities, and prevented her from participating in anything that required exertion of much physical effort. Sabrina felt she was at the mercy of her body, not trusting it, and became afraid of the ways it seemed to be breaking down. This affected her relationships, her social life, and her career. The activities that brought joy in her life were often dampened by her fears and doubts about herself.

In her early 40’s, through the application of various holistic modalities and spiritual pursuits, Sabrina slowly gained her life back. Her energy, weight, skin, digestion, and breathing were better than ever, and she developed a passion for dance, yoga, and nature, and tried various new adventures that challenged her.

However, something was missing. She found that she was in better “control” of her life, but she still was not happy. She was “doing the right things”, but not seeing the results in her personal or professional life. She still had some of the same fears and ways of thinking that prevented her from living the life she deeply desired to live. In 2001, Sabrina initiated women’s circles to form a community of women who longed to live a life that mattered…to live a life of openness, possibility, and love, etched in every crevice of their being. In 2003, Sabrina started to learn more about feminine practices such as dance, breath work, and Tantra, and apprenticed under David Deida, author of many books on intimacy, and for ten years, she co-led the women’s portions of his workshops and intensives. Connecting with community, a Higher Source, and women’s embodiment were key.

When Sabrina combined her newfound liberated heart with scientific nutritional practices, her life turned around and she became certified as a nutrition consultant. She felt a sense of ease, surrender, ecstasy, and joy that she had never felt before. She looked and felt younger than ever. Her path through perimenopause and menopause has brought her a wisdom that was hard-earned and profound. She dedicated the next 13 years to supporting women to have the same: To discover their own pathway and power through the awakening of their Feminine core and spirit. 

To this day, Sabrina has supported hundreds of women in embodying the truth and power of their feminine being, particularly women over 40. In her work with women, Sabrina uses her long-time experience in holistic health, nutritional biochemistry, Tantra, Vajrayana Buddhism, hatha yoga, Ayurveda, breathwork, David Deida, and somatic psychology, as the core of her work.

You don’t have to earn your life…but you do have to claim your longing and liberate your heart into the SHE that lives in you. For your sake…for the world’s sake.

Let us help you get there…


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