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Join Our Upcoming Women’s Circle or Men’s/Women’s Circles in San Francisco

The Ambrosia women’s circles are a delicious, deep way of using feminine practices to transform your relationships, your health, and your life.  Every circle is customized to meet your individual needs, in the eyes and reflection of amazing, wise women such as yourself.  Note that we don’t do a lot of “processing” or “talking” about […]

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If You’re a Woman Over 35, Read This

Not long ago, I was interviewed by Sara Avant Stover (www.saraavantstover.com) fabulous yogini and author of “The Way of the Happy Woman” about perimenopause.  One of the things I continue to be surprised by is how many women don’t know they’re entering into perimenopause, and why it’s important to know when you are, and what […]

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Recipe for Zapping a Bad Mood

Whenever I’m in a “bad” mood, I love making this concoction of healthy fats, antioxidants, energy buzzers, and mood zappers. After drinking it, I feel more alert, clear, refreshed, and rejuvenated. The fats help balance “blood sugar blues” and maintain energy for a longer period of time; the antioxidants in the fruits and veggies give […]

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Tips to Help Your Mom Feel Special

My Mom passed away unexpectedly almost two years ago. I miss her a lot and I think of her every day.  We had a good relationship, but typical in the mother-daughter conflicts that would often come up regarding relationships, marriage, children, and career. They say hindsight is 20-20, and I’ve learned some important lessons after […]

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Men’s/Women’s Circles Early Bird Discount Ending Soon!

Men’s/Women’s Circles Early Bird Discount Ending Soon! Last month we had a sold-out men’s/women’s circle, and the amount of love, compassion, and energy flowing from my yoga studio was magnetic!  If you haven’t already registered for the 5/15/12 circle, do so soon!  The early bird discounted fee of $35 will be ending on 5/7/12.  After […]

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RECIPE: Bone-Building Broth

When I was in my mid-40’s, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was pretty devastated, and did everything I could to reverse the declining direction of my bone health.  That’s when I went back to school and got certified as a nutrition consultant.  Today, my bones are in much better shape, and I attribute a […]

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How to Increase Your Energy (and Lose Weight) with these Great Snacks

I’m a big fan of snacking.  Snacking helps stabilize blood sugar levels, keeps our metabolism steady, and satisfies our hunger….if you’re eating snacks that do your body good.  Research has shown that eating two snacks a day, in addition to your regular daily meals, was associated with a lower body mass index (BMI) and maintenance […]

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Monogamy – Confessions of a San Francisco Heretic

A short time ago in class, the subject of monogamy was discussed. My teacher remarked about how the San Francisco Bay Area has such a variety of lifestyles and sub-cultures. He asked, “Some of you may have heard about this strange lifestyle called monogamy. Do any of you prescribe to that?” No one raised their […]

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Men’s/Women’s Circles FULL (for women)

We are now filled to the max with our April 10th men’s/women’s circles, as far as the women go.  We still have a few more spaces for men, so if you know of any men who put a priority on consciousness and growing in intimacy, have them check out these circles at: www.afemininefeast.com/programs-services/group-programs/mens-womens-circles/ These circles […]

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Recipe for Stuffed Avocados

Avocados are a rich source of mono-saturated fats, vitamins E and B, potassium and fiber.  In fact, one cup of avocado has the potassium content of 3 bananas (potassium is an important electrolyte that is often out of balance due to too much sodium intake).  Studies also show that they help decrease bad cholesterol and […]

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A Beautiful Tantra Practice For You via Costa Rica

My beloved and I just returned from spending two weeks in Costa Rica.  What a mind-bending beautiful place this is, and we only scratched the surface of what we could see!  The first week was spent in a tantra retreat with Deva Premal and her husband, Miten, with 25 other couples from around the world.  […]

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Spring Detox – Kick Start Your Body into Renewal

Spring is the perfect time for release and renewal, as our bodies are yearning to cleanse and prepare itself for the budding of new life and possibilities.  In Chinese medicine, the liver and the gall bladder are the two organs that are stimulated during this season, thus, it’s a good idea to do whatever you […]

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Women’s Passion Circle in Berkeley

I will be facilitating a women’s passion circle in Berkeley on May 2, 2012.  This circle is part of a 3-month series, hosted by Jessica Hadari of Ripe Paradigm and organizer of the popular FEM Talks.  The circles are a wonderful container where women can find refuge in their busy lives and commune in sisterhood, […]

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Smoothie for the Cold

Recipe of the Week Smoothie for the Cold I suffered a cold last week and this concoction is one of my long-standing favorites for healing through it fast and supporting my immune system.  I use the Health Master, which is a 2 horse-power motor blender that costs one-third the price of a VitaMix.  It’s not […]

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Anger – How Do You Feel and Express It Without Blowing Up Your Relationship?

I recently co-lead An Anger Break-Through workshop. Every year I do this, I am more and more convinced of the power of anger and how it could be used for creative forces rather than destructive forces. But all too often, when anger is unleashed, it comes out in a hurtful way, making the other person […]

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How To Decrease Cravings and Quell Those “Not Enough” Blues

90% of the women who see me have some sort of craving, such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed carbohydrates (e.g. packaged carbs), and chocolate. Not coincidentally, many of these women have a demon living inside their hearts of “not enoughness”….not pretty enough, not successful enough, not thin enough, not good enough…you get the picture. The […]

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