Committed Coed Circles

Committed Coed Circles


Things are brewing for the circles in 2014 – Stay tuned.

These circles are for men and women who want to expand and deepen their relationship capacities through a thoughtfully-constructed progression of yogic practices.  Based on the work of David Deida, each circle takes the practitioner further into the deeper realms of embodied love and greater artistry in intimacy.  Different than the open circles, the committed circles are limited to 8 women and 8 men who will practice the art of love in ways which are customized for them.

In these circles you will:

  • Get truthful reflection of your blindspots to attracting and creating deep intimacy
  • Receive customized feedback and guidance to unlock the physical and emotional closures you have to love
  • Make history obsolete by letting go of past wounds in relationship and liberating innate gifts you may not have known you had
  • Discover greater capacities in trust, surrender, presence, and confidence in love
  • Learn how to create greater love in the midst of doubt, fear, intense emotions, a

Along with the circles, Kaidan and Sabrina will facilitate CoedCircleImage3bi-monthly calls to help prepare you for each circle.  Each call will have specific content as a theme for the following circle, as well as home practices for each week.  There will be laser coaching and Q&A on the calls to further support you in this inspiring, edgy, journey into love.


You Must Have Attended Or Done One Of the Following: 

  • Participated in open coed circles facilitated by Kaidan and Sabrina at least 3 times
  • Participated in at least one of our open coed circles AND have participated in a men’s group facilitated by Kaidan or a closed women’s group facilitated by Sabrina
  • Attended a David Deida workshop or intensive
  • Your intention is to serve and open as an embodiment of Love and become an artist of Love, NOT to get something from somebody else (e.g. find the right partner, get more attention, get more sex)
  • You are ready and willing to go to your personal edge and serve the edges of others with love, compassion and skill.
  • Be ready and willing to receive honest reflection of your blind spots so you can see your patterns more clearly in order to transform them, and gain more personal freedom and personal artistry.
  • You are ready to meet and release past beliefs and attachments regarding relationships and let go of how you or others “should” show up.
  • You MUST attend every Circle – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If you do not meet the above qualifications but feel you would be an amazing contributor to the group, go ahead and apply.  We will set up an interview chat to see if it’s a good fit.

These Circles are not for you if:

  • You want to use this Circle to heal past wounds and are looking for a safe, therapeutic-type environment.  Though past wounds may be touched upon and possibly healed, the practices and the feedback sessions will tend to be more on the edgy side. If you have trouble with: receiving direct feedback; assigned edgy practices; or going outside your comfort zone, this group would not be appropriate for you.  Everyone must be able to practice and participate as fully as possible in order for all the participants to be served.
  • You’re looking for a “play party” or a “hook-up” scene.  We hold this work to a very high bar of integrity.
  • You are a someone who teaches about relationships and are looking to use the practices as something to incorporate into your own teachings

Price: $497 (includes all six circles, home assignments, content calls, coaching and Q&A calls)