Join Our Upcoming Women’s Circle or Men’s/Women’s Circles in San Francisco

The Ambrosia women’s circles are a delicious, deep way of using feminine practices to transform your relationships, your health, and your life.  Every circle is customized to meet your individual needs, in the eyes and reflection of amazing, wise women such as yourself.  Note that we don’t do a lot of “processing” or “talking” about issues.  These circles get to the heart of your fears, doubts, and habits, and create embodied shifts in your being so that you recognize the greater wisdom and intuition in your fabulous feminine.  These circles are ONLY for those who are ready to dive deep, and live on the edge of desire and truth in order to live the life you deeply yearn.  They start on 7/16/12 and continue for 10 circles.  Make the rest of 2012 a year to remember….a year to finally make shifts in what fulfills you down to your core.

For more information, please go to:

Space is limited, and we are half full.  Sign up soon to assure your spot!

The men’s/women’s circles are a wonderful way where men and women meet in formal practices in order to deepen the art of intimacy with more understanding, reflection, compassion, and embodied presence and love.  Sure, it’s good to learn concepts on how to attract our beloved and improve our relationships, but the rubber meets the road when you get to apply what you “think” you know to a face-to-face encounter with the opposite gender.  Men appreciate their “masculine” more, and women appreciate their “feminine” more.   They get to explore what this means, with a circle of amazing men and women, who want to support each other in bringing more of their innate gifts to relationship.

Whether you’re single or in a couple, we welcome you in joining us for these unique and special gatherings.  For more information, please go to

If you register by 7/9/12, you get a substantial early bird discount for the men’s/women’s circles.  Sign up soon as space is limited.

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