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Let yourself be loved…

Let yourself feel the love that you’ve longed for in all aspects of your life: your body, your relationships, your work…yourself.

Perhaps you’ve tried many things: various diets, yoga, workshops, and various spiritual practices to have the physical and emotional vibrancy you desire, but somehow, you still feel an undercurrent of stress, worry, and “not-enoughness”. Perhaps…

  • You’re successful in your career, but don’t have the relationship you want.
  • You’re not satisfied with your job, and long to make money discovering and unleashing your gifts onto the world.
  • You want to lose weight or get healthier, but don’t want to go on another diet or see another nutritionist who doesn’t “get” you.
  • You have everything you want, but still feel a certain “masculinity” in your way of living, versus a feeling of juiciness, ease, flow, and radiance.

There’s one essential key that you must unlock which will allow all aspects of your life to fall in place. That key is: Reclaiming your feminine wisdom and power. By discovering and living the YOU that you were meant to be, having the body, health, relationships, and work you love will start lining up with delicious flow, stunning simplicity, and sustainable results.

However, the biggest frustration to women not having the life they want are largely due to three reasons: 1) Financial ability; 2) Time constraints; and 3) Emotional blocks. What if you can choose a way to have the physical and emotional vibrancy you want, customizing it to your budget, your busy lifestyle, and your own individual map of your heart?

Women need women

Whether it’s one-on-one mentorship or belonging to a community of women who truly see your gifts and encourage you to live boldly, we are not meant to do it all alone. That’s why I’ve created three different ways to catapult your magnificence and have the life you want. Each one meets your individual need for support, finances, and lifestyle: Ambrosia Circles; 6-Month Feminine Mentorship program, and VIP (Vivaciously Important Person) Intensives.

In different ways, each of these programs are for women who:

  • Want to discover your hidden resistances to having the love, life, and body you desire
  • Long to transform a life full of effort and stress into a life full of ease and flow
  • Desire to have a relationship with your body of confidence, intuition, pleasure, and health
  • Yearn to attract the right partner who meets you, adores you, opens with you, and commits to you
  • Want to live your passion, and make money doing what you love

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