Open Coed Circles

Men’s & Women’s Circles

Supporting Each Other in the Art of Deep Intimacy

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Relationship is something most of us want in our lives but find it so elusive.  We try to find the right partner, but don’t.  Or we’re in relationship, but we feel that something is missing in our partnering.  So we wait…wait for something or someone to happen so that love captivates us and everything is fine once again.

What if it’s possible to find love just by opening up to who we already are?  Deep down…inherent in our being…is unfathomable depth, longing, love, and energy.  What if we just step out of our own way, and actually find a way to relate…find true intimacy…even in the midst of our own doubts, fears, habits, and tough situations in our lives?

Based largely on the work of David Deida, the men’s/women’s circles are where men and women come together in a safe, trusting container and transform inhibition into bliss, and separation into oneness.  Here is where we turn the desire, fear, and power of intimacy into openness, unwavering love, depth, and consciousness.  This is not therapy or group “processes”.  These are formal practices to help embody the flow of love through our hearts…for each other…through each other.  Men and women walk away feeling a sense of liberation, inspiration, and rejuvenation in the recognition of the Divine HE and SHE that lives in them.

During these evenings, you will:

  • Learn how to unguard your heart to deepen connection and intimacy
  • Discover your unique gifts to evoke greater presence and love with ease and inspiration
  • Foster more trust, openness, and play even in the midst of intense emotions or conflict
  • Uncover the secrets to satisfying your partner even when you’re not in sync physically or emotionally
  • Create sustainable shifts as old habits in intimacy fall away
  • Demystify what makes your partner tick and how to amp up your spontaneous genius in doing so
  • Transform fear into liberation and resistances into joy
  • Align your life with your deepest motive through aligning your heart with your deepest presence and light
  • Learn how to trust the force of love in your body, and attract someone who will meet you
  • Find what you truly desire in intimacy, and LIVE IT right now

Whether you are single or in a couple, you are welcome to join. 

We keep the circles gender-balanced (equal men, equal women) and modulate the list of participants accordingly.

These evenings are led by Sabrina Chaw and Kaidan Erwin, two long-time teaching assistants to David Deida.  Sabrina and Kaidan co-lead the women’s and men’s portions of David Deida’s workshops, respectively.  Dedicated to the discovery and manifestation of your deepest gifts, Sabrina and Kaidan lead you in stepping into fullness and empowerment and open to the love you deeply desire.

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The openness of love is who you are. In any moment you close, then you begin to yearn for the boundless freedom of love’s openness. The feminine in each of us starts longing for deeper love and tries to find it in intimate relationship, family, or friends. The masculine in each of us begins working for greater freedom and tries to achieve it through financial, creative, or political success.
The feminine desire for love and the masculine desire for freedom are not in conflict, but are two expressions of a singular desire for divine openness. With proper understanding, these sexual differences can attract you and your lover into the full-bodied “Oh God!” you both desire.”
~ David Deida

To your bliss,

Sabrina and Kaidan