Ambrosia Feminine Embodiment Circles

Ambrosia Feminine Embodiment Circles

Whether you’ve belonged to a woman’s group before or not, the Ambrosia Feminine Embodiment Circles are unlike any other circle!

Women who attend these circles say they appreciate how the circles are less talking and process-oriented.  Inspired by the work of David Deida, the Ambrosia Feminine Embodiment Circles are deeply rooted in the heart AND in the body, as a way to evoke the greater wisdom that lives in us. It is the heart that is the portal to our awakening to love. It is the body that transmits the awakened love. Through this, we discover our connection to our greater Source:  SHE

The circles have explored different themes in the past, and for the next series, we will focus on the art of relationship….having the deepest intimacy possible through the embodiment of our feminine power, energy, genius, and heart.

The Ambrosia Feminine Embodiment Circles are a safe, warm, sanctuary in which women become sisters and where feminine truth, emotions, and tenderness are honored. It is a womb where the alchemy of longing and inspiration create magic, and magic creates reality…reality where women feel loved, empowered, and celebrated. This is where every woman is embraced as nectar for another woman’s unfolding. Where every woman is nourished in the collective heart, and comes out of her shell of doubt, fear, and self-judgment. Her senses come alive, she lets go of the need to control, and she steps into the powerful SHE that lives in her.

This circle is for you if you:

  • Yearn for a committed and deep relationship, but no longer want to attend workshops and read more books to do so.  You want to apply spontaneous, effective, and inspiring ways to attract and live in deep partnership now
  • Desire a long-term partnership where you feel adored, met, and opened in ways your heart deeply yearns
  • Don’t want to keep “processing” your issues, and instead, want to use your connection to Source, your sensual intuition, and your embodied wisdom in intimacy
  • Long for your heart to feel more relaxed, open, excited, and happy
  • Want to discover your blindspots in relationship:  the habits, conditioning, and resistances you didn’t know you had, and you want to transform them from self-defeating actions to Divinely connected gifts
  • Desire to let go of your need to control and your need for strategies, and instead surrender into trust, feminine boldness, and your heart’s unfathomable capacity to love
  • Don’t want to settle for just a mediocre relationship, and instead, want to attract whole body bliss, inspiration, and deeply-rooted pleasure in your relationship  

In the Ambrosia Feminine Embodiment Circle you will:

  • Awaken the intuitive powers of your heart and body, the pulse of the Universe, and the embodiment of the Divine, and allow the soul of your feminine to be the discerning guide in relationships
  • Deepen the yoga of intimacy, and learn how to embody trust, surrender, and openness even when fears, doubts, and conditioning arise
  • Discover how to use the unpredictability of life’s curve balls and turn them into creative genius that serves and inspires your relationship
  • Relax into a loving structure of authentic relating and sacredness as you deepen your dance of your feminine with your masculine partner
  • Open to ways you can invite more presence, consciousness, and unwavering love from your partner
  • Learn how to reveal your innate gifts, rather than feel a need to become someone else
  • Turn closure into openness, and transform masculine control and thinking into feminine brilliance and sensuality
  • Delight in the play of spiritual sexiness and depth as you cultivate this two-bodied prayer of love

Program Cost and Details:

We meet from 7 – 10pm every other Monday in San Francisco.  New circle dates for 2018 will be announced soon.  The investment is $660 for the entire series of twelve circles.   To make it easier on your monthly budget, I am happy to accept 3 payments of $233.  Payment is for the entire series, and not dependent on which circles you attend.  Because of the deep transformative work that is involved, I ask that you make every attempt to attend all twelve circles.  Of course, life happens, and it is totally understandable.  In such cases, I ask that you keep your absences to a maximum of two for the entire series.  This helps creates a stable and reliable container of trust, surrender, and deep sisterhood.

Space is very limited and the circles tend to fill up quickly, so please register in the link below as soon as possible!

Here’s what some women have said about the circles:

“Working with Sabrina has given me confidence to step into the next level of my life’s calling as a facilitator and empowerment coach. She has a level of mastery and depth in her understanding of the divine feminine which has allowed me to experience a quantum leap in my personal and professional evolution. If you’re a woman who wants to embrace your lusciousness, wisdom and power, I HIGHLY recommend you work with Sabrina!” ~ Christabel Zamor, Founder of Breath of Bliss

“Before I began working with Sabrina, I experienced my emotions mainly in my head, as a positive or negative mood, as churning thoughts or tension, as a kind of continual rolling dialogue of words and images. After working with her, I more often experience my emotions as energy, in my body, and am much more able to let that energy run through me. When the emotions are pleasant, I glean more pleasure from them. When they are painful, they pass more quickly and leave behind more traces of wisdom than when they were processed exclusively in my mind. Accessing the wisdom and energy of my body and breath has given me new strength, heightened intuition for life decisions, and a feeling of being truly alive. With Sabrina I’ve experienced the infinite supply of love and strength available within myself and in community. I’ve learned to let the Divine Feminine flow through me, not only making me stronger for myself, but for all of the people in my life. Sabrina helps women access their Source, and that Source is where all our desires lie: love, strength, pleasure, fulfillment, wisdom, clarity. Sabrina takes women on a journey straight to it via her own presence and by example through her own body. We are not here on earth to be productive, efficient masters of our endless to-do lists. We are here as forces of love and energy and power. Sabrina teaches us how to live that way. ~ Robin Rinaldi, author of the book “Wild Oats Project”

“As a circle we practice and refine the art of FEELING – not thinking, not explaining – our feminine truth of the moment, and making an offering of that truth to the circle through our unique voice and bodies.  We receive bodily reflection from the other women of both our wholeness and our blind spots to that wholeness; and of relaxing into a feminine pool of YUM that is actually quite hard to describe. All I know is, I emerge and see other women emerge from the evening fully fluffed, more deeply relaxed, and radiant. By the end of the night, almost every time, someone is making a joke about wanting to have a slumber party because it’s so hard to pull ourselves away. ~ Shelly Smith – author, co-founder of HoneyRoot Women’s Retreats


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