Women’s Circle Success Kit

A Home Training Course with
Sabrina Chaw, hosted by Sara Avant Stover

Learn How to Start and Run Your Very Own Powerful, Profitable Women’s Circles to Change Lives and Create Vibrant Communities!

If you feel a deep hunger to create a vibrant women’s community that offers you, and everyone involved, a deep sense of inspiration and support…

…if you already run women’s-only events and long to expand and refine your skills for greater transformative impact; then you’re ready to step more boldly into your feminine leadership prowess as a true pillar for others in your community.

Do You Need More Skills, Guidance, and Structure
to Step Up as a Women’s Circle Leader?

You know you’re ready if you:

  • Live in an area that lacks a deep, heart-centered, women’s community.
  • Long for more support and appreciation in the midst of your busy life.
  • Desire deeper connections with other women.
  • Are looking for a way to earn money doing what you love and believe
  • Already serve as a teacher or leader and want to start focusing on working specifically with women.

“The time of the lone wolf is over!” one Hopi Elder declared. There’s no doubt that in the throes of today’s turbulent economy and daily pressures, it becomes increasing difficult to get the emotional and spiritual nourishment that we long for. Where is the circle of support we need to help us live our fullest feminine selves in relationships? Our life’s work? Our health? Our communities?

One of the deepest ways to be met…to be felt…in our truth and gifts
is through a women’s circle.

It is through the eyes and love of other women that we can discover that which holds us back, and bloom that which calls us forward.

Here’s what other women are saying about Sabrina’s women’s circles:

“I was drawn to Sabrina because like most women, I have an over-developed sense of ease with my “masculine” power, and am always learning about how to really harness my “feminine” power. I tend to over-work and overwhelm, and when I reach into my feminine power to balance me, my work, my marriage and my sense of self all flow better. I loved working with Sabrina in one of her Women’s groups. My past experience with women’s groups, although great, is that they were focused on “talk” and processing feelings. It was a fresh jolt to work with Sabrina and embody, not talk about, practices to access our unique feminine energy and power. I find myself knowing how, in my daily and bodily experience, to open and stay receptive, even when I’m hurt or feeling shame. I like and value myself so much more. I can more easily speak what’s true for me, not only the hard and uncomfortable things, but also what is closest to my heart (which is usually not the niceties of polite conversation). Sabrina is real and raw. She is at once a loving velvet blanket and a loving sharp seeing sword of truth. Her reverence for all aspects feminine, especially the female body, makes her a blessing to be around and to learn from.”~ Liyana Silver – Relationship Coach

“Before I worked with Sabrina, I was hesitant to be fully vulnerable in a group and fearful of being silently judged, especially by myself. After my first series with Sabrina, I am now able to receive and honor my own vulnerability as a gift and as a strength while being witnessed by other women. I have a renewed sense of ‘flexible solidity’ and feel more grounded in the midst of life’s challenges. I particularly appreciate and thank Sabrina for her safe and wise presence, as well as her unique way of working through our body and heart, versus our minds. She is highly skilled and experienced in facilitating and inviting women’s embodiment in all its range of colors and flavors and she does it with grace, love, humor and depth. There are many women’s circles, but I find that Sabrina’s circles offers a depth of transformation that is rare.” ~ Sonia Telle – Therapist & Breathwork Facilitator

“Before I worked with Sabrina, I had a difficult time accessing how I truly felt in my core self and much less able to give expression to my authentic truth. Now, I feel able to not only sink more into my skin but live from that place within deep from my heart. Being in Sabrina’s circles has been one of them most healing experiences that I have done. I feel like it is like going back into the womb, permitting me to get in touch with my ‘true self’ where I melt into who I really am, shedding layers of defenses, constrictions and facades. It permeates throughout my life moving me in the direction I truly long for and teaches me how to get there. Words cannot touch on how skilled Sabrina is in her facilitation where she is guided by her intuition and heart, and she has an approach with the perfect combination of love and pushing your edges. I have gotten my most healing from her groups than any other practices I have done. It’s like going back to the womb, in a safe, nurturing and protective environment where you are guided into deepening into who you truly are without doing or being anything for others.” ~ Chris Roslund – Therapist

I have been leading women’s circles for over a decade, and they became a success through a lot of experimentation, trial, and, of course, error! In the Women’s Circle Success Kit, I lay out for you, step-by-step, my tried and true system for implementing and running a truly successful women’s group. I strip away all the guesswork by pulling back the curtains…revealing both the concrete formula that you need to get started and thrive WHILE sharing my “secret sauce” for making your circles stand apart from the rest.

The Women’s Circle Success Kit will lovingly and clearly lay out a
tried-and-true structure that teaches you:

  • How to create your own unique circle that stands apart from the rest– and the keys to attracting women to join it who are aligned with your heart and mind.
  • The essential ingredients to getting started—the must-do’s and the must-don’ts!
  • Secrets to sourcing your most powerful self to become the leader you’re meant to be.
  • The art of conducting your circle with grace, wisdom, authenticity, and flair!
  • How to “go with the flow” while providing the structure women need.
  • Masterful tricks for handling the inevitable challenges.
  • Tried and true practices for every mood.
  • The essential “tool kit” to make your circle a financial success.

What’s included in the Women’s Circle Success Kit:

(Each lesson is provided as a downloadable, 60 Minute MP3)

Establishing the Fertile Ground for Your Circle

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a solid foundation for your circle so that you, and the other women, get what you want out of it.

You will learn:

  • The difference between a social, therapeutic, and yogic circle and why it’s important to do the latter
  • The number one secret essential to creating a circle of authenticity
  • Why preparing one particular way is more important than the circle itself
  • The most common mistake women do to push away support, and how to reclaim it
  • The one shift you can make right away to attract the right women to your circle
Creating the Circle

In this lesson, you will discover the essential keys to creating the circle: the physical space, and the safe, open, environment in order to support everyone’s needs and personal capacities. Here, is where you will learn what it means to create a circle of leaders, including yourself.

You will learn:

  • Why you MUST let go of THIS key element, in order to create a transformative experience for everyone
  • How to magnetize others to come and be committed to your circle
  • How to set up the environment for ultimate results
  • The financial considerations – the must-dos and must-don’t’s
  • How to source your powerful self and truly create the circle of your dreams
Conducting the Circle

In this lesson, you will be grounded in the essential ingredients for conducting a circle of sacredness, Feminine wisdom, and revelation. It’s not merely a matter of mechanics, techniques, or process – It’s a matter of cultivating inspiration, safety, and surrender.

Here, you will:

  • Know the various modalities used to create depth, feeling, and wisdom…not drama
  • Learn how to uncover the barriers that keep you and others from living the truth of your heart
  • Know how to manage expectations and to support each woman in feeling fully expressed
  • Discover how to weave the practical art of circling (centering the circle, setting the context, creating ground rules) to the magical art of transformation
  • The Number One Secret to ensure the embodiment of the lessons learned so that each woman returns over and over again
Stepping Up in Leadership

In this lesson, You will take a quantum leap over any doubts, shyness, or fears, and learn the 5-step process to birthing an unforgettable circle…a circle that springs from your own core womb, truth, and intuition….one that will have lasting effects on you, the women, and your community.

Here, you will:

  • Discover your own true gifts and how to use them to rock everyone else’s world…effortlessly
  • Unlock the mystery of “going with the flow” while navigating a circle of integrity, Feminine depth, and powerful reflection.
  • Uncover the one shocking secret so that you stay inspired and confident even in the midst of doubt
  • Learn how to handle challenges in the circles and inspire others to greatness in the process
  • Master a quick, powerful practice in order to irresistibly attract others to their deepest fulfillment
Practices for You and the Circle

Here, you will be given several examples of ways to conduct a circle to create trust, courage, surrender, connection, and intuitive creativity. I will share some key practices in yoga, meditation, and movement, based on my 25+ years of spiritual exploration, in order to cultivate spontaneous ingenuity and collective wisdom.

In this final lesson, you will:

  • Discover the “essential tool kit” and basic template for an amazing circle, and how to add your own unique flavor to it
  • Uncover the one step you MUST DO before you create any circle – otherwise, it will fail
  • Know how to set your circle apart from all other circles
  • Learn the one simple technique that will help you overcome your deepest fears in circling
  • Know how to uncover your own instinctual artistry and authenticity
Everything You Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask

This is a recording from a call where women asked their most pressing questions about women’s circles or conducting workshops that are similar to women’s circles. I share laser-answers that touch to the heart of what you need to know in order to get what you desire. This call helps you hone your skills of how to be a servant of Feminine truth…and feel the call to action to living the life you’ve always wanted within the collective body of amazing women.

Your Investment: $149

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PLUS…We’ll Also Gift You With:

FREE BONUS #1: The Ultimate Women’s Circle Playlists (PDF)
I spill my favorite tunes for setting the mood. Song-by-song, I’ll spell out what to play to help emotions flow, elicit inner power, offer deep rest and nourishment, and much much more.

FREE BONUS #2: Pre-Circle Centering Ritual (MP3)
No matter how many classes and events I teach, I always feel nervous before I start! Here, I guide you through an audio “centering” practice that you can participate in with me. Feel grounded, confident, open, and present before your guests arrive. Here’s a ritual that every woman needs to take her seat as a leader.

FREE BONUS #3: Pre-Circle Checklist (PDF)
There’s so many things to remember before hosting a group of women and taking your seat as the teacher! Avoid overwhelm and frenetics with this clear and simple checklist so you can stay calm, cool, and centered for your circle.

FREE BONUS #4: Sample Women’s Circle Invitation (PDF)
Once you complete this home training course, then what? Well, you do need to final real, live women to join your circle! This e-mail invitation will help. It offers a template to appeal to other women, sincerely and clearly, into your group.

FREE BONUS #5: Women’s Circle Book List (PDF)
Once you get into the thick of leading your own circles you might find that you want more guidance. Here are my top resources, which I’ve gathered over my two decades of leading women’s circles.

FREE BONUS #6: Chi Generation Exercise (MP3)
Chi is radiance! Here’s a wonderfully powerful (and ancient) embodiment exercise to get you into your body. Try it on your own before leading a group and then you can entice the other women in your circle to do it as well.

I’m confident that our Women’s Circle Success Kit will be the most clear, most transformational, most fun, and most useful women’s circle set-up system you’ve ever seen. For this reason, and because it’s a completely “green” kit (you get access to all the information via a private downloads page), I will not be offering any refunds for any reason. I stand behind this product 100%. Please be sure you have read through this page clearly and entirely before purchasing so you are clear what you are getting.

  • You get access to all 6 MP3 trainings of the entire Women’s Circle Success Blueprint that you can download and play in your car, computer, or from your iPod.
  • As BONUSES you also get:
    • The Ultimate Women’s Circle Playlists
    • Pre-Circle Centering Ritual
    • Pre-Circle Checklist
    • Sample Women’s Circle Invitation
    • Women’s Circle Book List
    • Chi Generation Exercise
  • You understand that you’re investing in the Women’s Circle Success Kit means that there is a “no refund” policy and it is entirely “green” (downloadable products).

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Now, more than ever, the world needs the courageous guidance of it’s women. The world needs our compassion, fierce love, and devotion to beauty and creativity. Grant yourself and your community the blessing of stepping into your seat as a feminine leader.


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