Smoothie for the Cold

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Smoothie for the Cold

I suffered a cold last week and this concoction is one of my long-standing favorites for healing through it fast and supporting my immune system.  I use the Health Master, which is a 2 horse-power motor blender that costs one-third the price of a VitaMix.  It’s not just a juicer that extracts only juice.  It gives you the fiber from the produce, the protein from the seeds, the juice, as well as all the other enzymes and vitamins in the food!  My recipe has lots of Vitamin A and C, and also helps restores your electrolytes, which are often depleted when you have a cold due to dehydration.  This is my favorite lunchtime meal when I’m down and out with the cold (rare, but sometimes happens).

·      15 oz. coconut water

·      ½ cup filtered water or fruit juice

·      ½ carrot

·      2 big leaves dino kale

·      ½ red bell pepper

·      Handful of washed spinach leaves

·      Handful of parsley

·      1 leaf collard green

·      1 scoop Green Vibrance Powder

·      1 T. Chia seeds

·      1 ice cube Wheat Grass (get them already prepared at health food stores)

·      ¼ beet

Blend all ingredients on high for one and a half minutes. This will be a very thick smoothie, so be sure to “chew” it, not just drink it.  It’s important for you to prepare your salivary glands to begin digesting it in your mouth before swallowing – You’ll get more of the benefits that way.  Enjoy!

One Response to Smoothie for the Cold

  1. Danielle.Cuomo July 18, 2012 at 5:05 pm #

    What a great recipe. Thanks, Sabrina. I just shared this with a client whom came down with a bad cold!