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Should You or Shouldn’t You End a Relationship?

Many of my women clients, when starting to step into their power, sometimes find that the     relationship between them and their intimate partners are running into conflicts. The women start to change but their partners do not step up to the plate as far as “meeting” their partners. More conflicts arise as the women become […]

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Tips to Help Your Mom Feel Special

My Mom passed away unexpectedly almost two years ago. I miss her a lot and I think of her every day.  We had a good relationship, but typical in the mother-daughter conflicts that would often come up regarding relationships, marriage, children, and career. They say hindsight is 20-20, and I’ve learned some important lessons after […]

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Monogamy – Confessions of a San Francisco Heretic

A short time ago in class, the subject of monogamy was discussed. My teacher remarked about how the San Francisco Bay Area has such a variety of lifestyles and sub-cultures. He asked, “Some of you may have heard about this strange lifestyle called monogamy. Do any of you prescribe to that?” No one raised their […]

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