A Feminine Feast…

is dedicated to supporting women to embody the truth and power of their Feminine core. It’s about honoring the differences in each other and the masculine, and utilizing these differences to foster compassion, greater love, and the expression of our greatest gifts as leaders of our beloved planet and communities.  It’s about recognizing ageless beauty, inner radiance, and an undeniable belief in oneself.  What does this mean and how do you do it without trying to be someone you’re not? How does a woman become successful in ALL areas of her life, without losing herself in the process, and while being connected to her radiant, sensual, heart-connected self, as well as connected to the Higher Source that guides us all? How does a woman find her true path…her true home…back to herself, and find a sense of happiness deep in the core of her being, versus striving to compete with societal pressures focused on eternal youth and image?

We invite you to a Feminine Feast

It’s a feast for your body, your emotions, your spirit…your soul.

A Feminine Feast devotes itself to the transformation of a woman’s longing into true manifestation of her life. We are all leaders in our way, and it’s not necessarily tied to the specific roles you play in your life. As feminine leaders, we have the gifts of connection, energy, emotions, receptivity, and intuition to live the life we’re meant to live, and to empower others in the process. As feminine leaders, we become evolutionary partners for each other. As feminine leaders, we can catalyze a complete revolution of the heart…just by finding and expressing our soul voice as a woman. To step into your power means stepping into your greatness…physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A Feminine Feast is devoted to supporting you in the leadership of your life through a new partnership with your feminine power, body, and spirit. We do this by helping you create your own individual blueprint to change your life, discovering what holds you back physically and emotionally, and turn up your Inner Goddess. You will find that fulfillment lies in the cultivation and sharing of the gifts you were born with, and that ecstasy lies in the unleashing of your unstoppable magnificence. Through one-on-one mentoring, women’s circles, or workshops, we will find out why you don’t have the vibrancy, energy, and health that you desire, as well as what inner gremlins block your path to having the life you desire. We will help you turn doubts into inspiration, and turn struggle into manifestation. We will do this with the lucid and tender awareness of what it means to be a woman, and mid-wife you into a source of infinite energy, passion, and love, so that you can live the life you most deeply desire.

I can‘t wait to meet you!

Sabrina Chaw


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