6-Month Feminine Mentorship Program

6-Month Feminine Mentorship Program

Let us help you step into your feminine leadership…

There’s nothing like having someone right by your side to partner with you in being your devoted ally, an experienced mentor, and your biggest cheerleader to do this. More than just coaching, this program looks at every aspect of your being, and what could be holding you back from having the health, love, work, and life that you desire. This program addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks that undermine the manifestation of your dreams, your leadership, and creates amazing shifts that sustain you for life. This approach, which I call Whole Woman Empowerment, is the result of over 25 years of weaving together eastern and western modalities for optimal health and vitality, as well as supporting thousands of women in embodying the truth and power of their Feminine heart, in various stages of her life. This is not a group coaching program – this is you and me, side-by-side, over the phone or in person, where I help you make phenomenal breakthroughs in the areas of your life you want to revolutionize.

In our work together, we will:

  • Get to know each other. Intimately. Intimacy means “Into me, you see”. We will excavate all the insidious ways that prevent you from living freely and joyfully in your body and life, and become the leader you want to be: a leader of your own life, and a inspiring leader for others.
  • Be allies – not just coach and client. I will be a mirror to your blindspots and fears, and lovingly and lucidly mid-wife you through them
  • Meet for 12 sessions: The first session helps us lay down a foundation that provide the pillars for stepping into your greatness. I will be accessible by email or “911” emergency phone calls for continual support and follow-through in between sessions.
  • Identify the physiological causes as to why you may not have the energy, magnetism, and vibrancy you desire (e.g. hormones, neurotransmitters, blood sugar imbalances, immune system challenges, thyroid, digestion, adrenals, and more)
  • Create a clear roadmap on how to get from where you are, to where you want to go
  • Guide you through effective, sustainable ways to have optimal health in alignment with your individual constitution, genetics, condition, desires, tastes, and lifestyle
  • Explore easy, inexpensive, and quick ways to nourish yourself with the foods that are right for your body type and energetic make-up as a woman
  • Customize movement in your body that’s in alignment with your feminine build (a must!) so that pleasure, tone, strength, and flexibility becomes your mantra
  • Transform your relationship with your body, your sexuality, and creativity as you increase your vitality
  • Discover the unique gifts you were born to give, and use them to live a life of passion joy, and happiness, and serve others in the process
  • Learn how to use your innate Feminine gifts of energy and feeling to liberate yourself from old beliefs that sabotage your success
  • Move through set-backs and old patterns with grace and fun
  • Increase your financial success by harvesting what is yours to give and let go of what is not
  • Nurture your inner child while cultivating your sensual, wise, adult
  • Step into the beauty that is YOU, inside and out, and attract those who can match you
  • Cultivate your feminine force of nature to attract your masculine equivalent in a partner
  • Teach you the art of ecstatic openness so that relationships deepen your awakening to love
  • Reclaim your body and your life by stepping into your Feminine powers of intuition, connection, receptivity, feeling, and energy
  • Let go of feelings of competition, overwhelm, and worry
  • Deepen into love with yourself and your world starting NOW!

Through my experience as a certified nutrition consultant, co-leader of the women’s portions of David Deida’s workshops, coach, as well as women’s and coed group leader, we will partner together so that you have the body you want with the life you love. If you are tired of countless workshops and group programs to change your ways, personalized guidance with Sabrina is for you. Every step…every word….is customized to YOU and YOUR life. Let’s reshape your mental landscape and emotional map so that you get the results you want….the Feminine way.

This customized package is NOT for you if you:

  • Are looking for a magic pill to whip you in shape
  • Want to be told what to do, instead of empowering yourself to realize your own magnificence
  • Believe that the answer lies outside of you, rather than IN you
  • Refuse to acknowledge the legacy and dreams that you were born to live
  • Desire another gimmick that will give you short-term results
  • Aren’t ready to be bold, beautiful, and powerful as the woman you were meant to be

Our time together will be powerful and transformative if you:

  • Long to harness the gifts of your birthright in order to live the life you desire
  • Are willing to devote your journey to the deepest exploration of your heart
  • Are ready to unleash your attractive, unabashed Feminine soul for the sake of you and others
  • Are ripe to unlock the keys to why your body isn’t cooperating with you the way you want
  • Are committed to doing what you need to do to break free of the cords that bind your Feminine wisdom and expression

During our 6 months together, I am dedicated to your greatness and letting yourself be bathed in the luscious light of love and happiness. Through lucid witnessing, tender embrace, fierce love, and unwavering belief in you, I will be there for you: In the starts and stops, in any possible roadblocks, whenever your gremlins start getting the best of you….I am here. In the 25 years of immersing myself in spiritual and practical ways to live a happy life and helping others do the same, I have gathered together a large treasure chest of resources, tools, practices, and expertise, to help transform your life into an extraordinary one.



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Complete the application here, and you will be directed to my on-line calendar to schedule a free 20-minute chat with me. In this conversation, I will answer any questions you have and give you a better sense as to whether you want to step into this unique and remarkable way of unleashing your feminine prowess.