VIP Intensives

VIP Intensives

Perhaps you want the intensity of wise reflection and one-one-one mentoring upfront, but want to allow yourself to unfold organically thereafter, in your own timing. This enables you to assimilate and adapt to new ways of being on your own, with follow-through support by me to adjust and transform accordingly. If this pace seems more aligned with your needs, I invite you to explore my VIP One-Day Intensives.

VIP stands for Vivaciously Important Person!

The intensive involves you filling out a thorough questionnaire beforehand which will permit me to ascertain your needs and create a plan for our one-on-one intensive. We will then schedule a date, and spend 6 hours together either in person or Skype, and start right away in addressing the core of what holds you back from living the life you most deeply yearn.

In this immersion, we will:

  • Establish a game plan for that day as well as subsequent weeks in order for you to reap rewards to your unveiling right away
  • Pinpoint the seeds of habit, closures, and resistances that wreck havoc on your sublime nature
  • Create practices that will help you awaken to a blissful heart, a radiant body, and exciting shifts
  • “Feng Shui” any environmental and emotional clutter that stops you from having access to everyday nourishment, joy, and rejuvenation (including clearing out your pantry, if needed!)
  • Produce a customized list of nutritionally-dense foods that are right for your body type and needs
  • Cultivate easy, simple recipes that will help balance your energy and hormones, engage your feminine gifts, and allow you to nourish yourself more
  • Grow your feminine gifts of sensuality, receptivity, and juiciness, starting with eating your lunch that day
  • Adjust the practices accordingly to how you live your day, as a reflection as how you live your life
  • Have two follow-up phone calls, in order to keep you inspired and make the necessary changes that will help you step into the renewed YOU

Though I use the word “intensive”, it is only intense in the amount that is gifted to you by me. I will give you 

everything you need that day, but you will receive it in a relaxed way that will make your body sigh with a Yesssssss. Your heart will feel seen. You will have a connection with your body of lusciousness, alignment, and beauty. What used to “weigh” you down, will start to melt. Your barriers to health, surrender, and flow will turn into trust, empowerment, and manifestation.

This immersion day is for you if:

  • You want to start seeing results NOW versus participating in a multiple-month offering
  • You don’t mind having a “third eye” (me) around you in order to identify blocks in real-time
  • You relish having the wisdom and experience of someone who’s “seen it all” (or close to it)
  • You want to embody what you learn, not just learn it conceptually
  • You appreciate tender love with a fierce sword as your ally
  • You loathe society’s image of “being feminine”, and want to live your own authentic expression of feminine
  • Your longing to have the body and life you desire outweighs your doubts and fears
  • You’re ready to root your life in one of the Divine’s greatest creations: You

This immersion is not for you if:

  • You’re unable to dedicate a day to your own growth and living a vibrant life
  • You’re unable to be totally candid and honest about your life
  • You’re waiting for someone to “prove” that they have the answer for you. THEY DON’T. IT’S IN YOU
  • Being right is more important than being happy
  • You think you’ll do the intensive, but not implement anything you’ve learned

If you think that the VIP Intensive is the way you’d like to go, click the button below to complete the application now and we will contact you within 48 hours.